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Purchasing real estate is one of the largest financial transactions you can make! Educating our buyers with local market knowledge, current trends and in-depth neighbourhood expertise as well as providing insights as to which properties hold true value, which may be over-priced and which will have hidden costs in the long run.. is what we do! We pride ourselves in ethical and valuable service at every stage of the purchasing process. Whether you are first time home buyer or a seasoned veteran, our goal is always to ensure every purchase is as enjoyable and seamless as possible!


Our genuine interest in combining strategic marketing with real estate is what truly differentiates ourselves from the rest. We enjoy implementing innovative market ideas that work. When it comes to listing your property rest assured you will receive top-notch service, proper communication, extensive online and print advertising, proper target marketing, professional photography, video options, etc, etc! We understand that every seller and every home is different. That is why our listing packages can be customized to suit your individual needs. If you’re planning on selling in the near future let’s talk about how we can get your home sold in the least amount of time and for the most amount of money.

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It’s all about maximizing profits and limiting liability in real estate. When is best time to buy and sell real estate? What entity gives me the best tax benefits? How can I limit my liability? These are common questions we get asked by my investor clients.  From legalizing residential basement apartments, flipping properties to navigating cap rates with commercial and multi-residential properties.. let’s talk about how we can keep your ROI high.


As real estate brokers with a lot of new construction experience, buyers often ask us if they can use a real estate agent when they are purchasing new construction. The answer is YES! From finding the right project to researching site and development information, discovering builder incentives, assisting with the design team and everything in between.. allow us to navigate you through the entire process.

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Staging is a strategic marketing tool designed to show a property in its best possible light. We firmly believe that having your home stand apart from the competition translates into a higher level of exposure and in return more money in your pocket. Staged homes can sell for up to 10% more. Ask us about our staging services and let's set your home apart from the competition!


From mortgage brokers, insurance companies and real estate lawyers to home inspectors, contractors, painters and cleaning companies.. We can directly recommend you the proper local professional who will best suit your individual needs. Our contacts are your contacts!

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